Our Girls

Below are photos (some as puppies) of our girls, both past and present. Some live here with us, and others are co-owned and live with other families.  Girls listed as "retired" have been placed into forever, loving homes. 

Click on the name and it will take you to their individual page: 


Red Merle Female
Out of Darla x Ero 

Toy Blue Merle Female
Out of Girly x Cameron

Red merle
Out of Britches x Louie


Toy blue merle
Out of Lexie x Louie

Blue merle
w/two blue eyes
Out of Stevie x Truman

Toy black tri
L eye blue R eye blue/brown
Out of Marlo x Cassanova

Gabby~ retired
Blue Merle
Out of Marlo x Truman

“Stevie”~ RIP
Blue merle
L eye blue R eye blue/brown
Out of Britches x Nash

DSC_0910 Retired
“Marlo”~ Retired
Blue merle
L eye blue eye R eye brown
Out of Britches x

DSC_0477 Retired
Toy blue merle
R eye blue L eye blue/brown marbled
Out of Camo x Nash

Boo face Retired
“Boo”~ 17” Retired
Blue merle female
w/2 blue eyes

DSC_0371-001 Retired
“Scout”~ Retired
14 1/4” Blue merle
w/2 brown eyes

DSC_0293 Retired
“Camo” Retired/RIP
Red merle 
Out of Scoiscia x Nash

dsc_1192 Retired
“Britches”~ Retired
Blue merle

IMG_3624 RIP
“Rumor”~ 13 1/2” RIP
Blue merle
w/1 blue & 1 blue marbled eye

“Torii”~ Retired/RIP
13 1/2” Blue merle
w/2 blue eyes

“Scoiscia”~ 17” red merle Retired/RIP
Dam to Camo & grand dam to Lexie, great grandam to Girly and great great grandam to Dolly
From Crooked Creek Mini Aussies in Mo.

Stellapic RIP
“Stella” 14 1/2″ RIP
Blue merle
Our first Mini Aussie that started our breeding program