A Little About Us

We started our journey as a breeder back in late 90's, when we briefly bred and showed English Labraor Retrievers.  In the early 2000's we discovered (by pure accident) the Mini Aussie and purchased our first Miniature Austrailan Shepherd.  This changed the direction of Legends forever, as we became breeders soley of the the Miniature Australian Shepherd.  

The Aussie is in general, an overall healthy breed.  But like any breed, they are prone to certain genetic health issues. There are genetic tests that can be done to prevent affected dogs from passing on genetic disorders/ and making sure they are bred to the right mate so they do not pass along any health issues to their offspring.  That is why testing is important.  I am always trying to educate myself, to make myself a better breeder.

The best advice I can ever offer a prospective buyer, whether they purchase a puppy from me or not, is to educate yourself and do your homework.  Learn about the breed.  Don’t just purchase a puppy because it’s cute, or its the first available (most reputable breeders have waiting/deposit lists months prior to a litter being born).  Also, look at the parents, because chances are, this is what your puppy will look like at maturity.  If you are smart and do your homework, you will be rewarded with a sound, healthy, quality puppy.   There is an old adage, “you get what you pay for”, and this certainly holds true when it comes to buying a puppy (of any breed).   

Here at Legends Mini Aussies, we screen our breeding stock for hips/elbows/patella with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) as well as genetic testing on all our breeding stock. Genetic testing is as important as OFA testing (and vice versa) and I do both.  With that said, there is never a 100% guarantee on a live animals health.  Just like humans, dogs can have health issues, at any age, but I do my best to avoid that by breed testing my breeding stock.

Visit our Health Screening page to learn more about what tests we do here at Legends Mini Aussies